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The Silverleaf Blog

Silverleaf Resorts is committed to making dream vacations a reality for all. We believe vacation memories should last a lifetime. With this in mind, the purpose of The Silverleaf Blog is to enhance our diverse travelers experience with up-to-date getaway tips, Silverleaf reviews, new and old vacation destination hot spots and resort news Silverleaf Club members and their guests can trust. Silverleaf Resorts offers flexibility, convenience, variety and value by providing high quality resorts with country club style amenities at affordable prices. We are located in Florida, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, and Massachusetts.


Why a Galveston Resort Is The Ideal Destination For Houston Vacations

BY Silverleaf / Oct 02 2015

Take a much needed break from your gruelling routine and hectic work hours, and wake up to the sound of the surf and the cool breeze. Take a Houston-Galveston vacation with Silverleaf Resorts! Silverleaf’s Seaside Resort is everything you dreamt of and more, and is your perfect getaway to forget your mundane routine for a week or two.

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Top 4 Rated Tourist Attractions in Missouri

BY Silverleaf / Sep 29 2015

Missouri vacations offer an assortment of interesting locations for tourist sightseeing. Among the most popular tourist attractions in Missouri are the Missouri botanical gardens, the St. Louis Zoo, SIlver Dollar City and the Gateway Arch. Continue reading to see why these are four of the most popular destinations to visit when staying at Timber Creek Resort or at any other Missouri resort for that matter.

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Conroe Texas Vacations Are The Best. Here Is Why.

BY Silverleaf / Sep 25 2015

Silverleaf Resorts is conveniently located an hour from Houston; its Piney Shores Resort lies on the shoreline of Lake Conroe, and offers a peaceful relaxation in rustic log cabins set against a backdrop of wooded serenity. So pack up, vacation in Conroe, Texas and enjoy all the activities near the resort! 

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Why a Western Massachusetts Resort? The Berkshires & Area Attractions!

BY Silverleaf / Sep 22 2015

Oak N' Spruce Resort is located in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. Amenities offered by Silverleaf Resorts include a full health club, two indoor heated pools, one outdoor pool, 18 hole mini golf course, basketball and activities for all ages. Most importantly, the resort is surrounded by an abundance of things to do in the Berkshires. 

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Reasons Why Orlando Breeze Should be Your Florida Vacation Destination

BY Silverleaf / Sep 18 2015

Florida vacations are a blast! Even more so when you are conveniently located within driving distance of Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and many other destinations or events. Orlando Breeze is centrally located, it's approximately two hours from either coast, and can easily be your perfect Silverleaf Resorts vacation in Florida.

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6 Packing Tips For Teens

BY Silverleaf / Sep 15 2015

It’s time for the big family vacation, the kids are out of school, you’ve taken a blissful break from work, but you still need to pack for the big family excursion. While teens will boast about their ability to be independent and swear that they know what they are doing, it’s almost a guarantee that they will forget something important, and overreact during what was supposed to be a relaxing family vacation. To prevent a nuclear meltdown over a forgotten swimsuit, or favorite book, here are 6 Packing Tips for Teens.


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Why Don’t Americans Take All Their Vacation Time? ⚠

BY Silverleaf / Sep 08 2015

Annually, American workers fail to use 169 million days of their earned PTO. This leads to Americans forfeiting over $50 billion in benefits every single year. So why don’t we as Americans use all of our paid time off? Below are some of the many reasons people do not use their paid time off and the answer to those problems.

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6 Packing Tips For Kids

BY Silverleaf / Sep 08 2015

Getting ready for a family vacation can be time consuming, tedious, and full of stress. Pile on top of that the pressure of packing for your kids, and stress levels will be at a boiling point in no time. Here are 6 Packing Tips to help ease you into packing for your kids, and to give you some ideas on what to take when you travel with kids, hopefully reducing some of the preparation stress.


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Vacation Packing Tips For Toddlers by Silverleaf Resorts

BY Silverleaf / Sep 07 2015

Packing is stressful enough when trying to not forget any of your must-haves while you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from home sweet home. Add the pressure of packing for all your little ones, and you’ll be lucky to make it to the car in one piece. Here are 6 Packing Tips to make your vacation packing with toddlers a breeze!


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Silverleaf Resorts Travel Tips: What to Wear When Traveling to Houston

BY Silverleaf / Sep 04 2015

Vacationing in Houston, Texas is quite popular. Houston is famous for remarkable food, whether it's a small taco stand or high-end dining experience, creative shopping options, or simply hot weather. The weather is perhaps one of the most important things to prepare for when taking a trip south. This is why a stress-free trip can easily be achieved when you know a little about the lifestyle, weather of your destination and, of course, if you have a vacation packing list handy to look at.

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